It is important that in a world beset by climate change, the Māori voice is heard and considered at the highest levels of decision making.


  • The Office of the Māori Climate Commissioner will provide independent Māori-focused research and advice that will contribute to Aotearoa meeting its obligations under the 2015 Paris Agreement on greenhouse-gas-emissions (NZ’s commitment is to reduce those emissions by 30% below 2005 levels by 2030).
  • That research and advice will be based on a Māori world view, and will be available to Māori, to politicians, government agencies, media, other New Zealanders, and to the global community.
  • The Commissioner will facilitate opportunities for Māori to learn about climate change, and programmes that will help Māori play their part in Aotearoa’s campaign to clean up the world.
  • The Commissioner will be available to engage with all other stakeholders in Aotearoa.